Berlin – Day 1

What We Ate

Berlin Pavilion

Photo Credit: Google

We started our morning with a quick stop at the Berlin Pavilion located near the Reichstag. We found it happily by accident on our cold and drizzly morning, so we went in. The place is set out like a cafeteria. The staff were friendly and spoke enough English to help us through the line.

There were plenty of comfortable seating spaces, both indoor and outdoor -they had what looked like a wonderful beer garden for evenings by the park. The windows were floor to ceiling which we enjoyed, watching the rain and eating our warm breakfast on a cold, windy morning.

Small Falafel/Doner Kabob Place

I don’t remember the name but I did place the location on our trip map. We had lunch of an amazing donor kabob and chicken biryani at this little tucked away eatery right across the street from the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. If you have time I sincerely hope you give it a try. Cheap and good.

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