Looking to get in touch?

While I love mail, the more time I spend answering you individually, the less time I’m out finding information to help you travel better!

Before sending me an email, please read the following:

  1. Please review my site. If I haven’t written about the destination, then I cannot answer any questions about the destination. Emails that ask “what should I do in [place I’ve never been]?” will simply go unresponded.
  2. If you are e-mailing me about visa questions, please contact an embassy or consulate. I can’t comment on individual situations and will not respond to your email. Better you hear information from the source then my advice potentially putting you in an unfavorable situation.
  3. If you wondering where you should start on planning your trip, know that I am not a travel agency and emails asking me to book your trip will be deleted.
  4. I love itineraries, but planning them is a very personal process. For what places to go and thing to see, only you can answer that.
  5. If you work in PR, don’t send me press releases or put me on your mailing list.
  6. I do not accept guest posts.
  7. I do not do sponsored posts or other advertising.

I’ll help any way I can! The more specific your question the better.

If you’ve found an error, please let us know so we can update the site!